Why should teachers cultivate resilience through mindfulness?

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Journal of Psychologists and Counsellors in Schools


The concept of resilience and mindfulness is becoming increasingly popular in schools worldwide in response to critical issues such as escalating teacher stress and burnout. This article explores the concept of mindfulness as a supportive practice to build resilience in times of stress in relation to reducing or preventing teacher burnout. It aims to provide practical strategies for psychologists and counsellors in schools to empower teachers with coping strategies when encountering stress. What current research literature reveals about the effectiveness of resilience and mindfulness for supporting the wellbeing of preservice and inservice teachers is discussed. Overall, the research shows that practising mindfulness to build resilience is beneficial because it helps teachers focus on the present and improves attention, self-awareness and emotional regulation, which can reduce stress and enhance wellbeing. However, further empirical studies are needed to provide deeper insights of these benefits for teachers. Recommendations for psychologists and counsellors in supporting teachers on practising mindfulness and resilience are provided.

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