Verifiable data streaming with efficient update for intelligent automation systems

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International Journal of Intelligent Systems


The wide deployment of Internet of Things (IoT) devices enables the controller to continuously collect massive volume data in automation systems, and makes it possible to make intelligent decisions based on machine learning techniques. In fact, data-driven intelligent automation systems have been common in the industrial community. Nevertheless, how to effectively store the collected stream data and ensure their integrity is still challenging. To this end, the notion of verifiable data streaming (VDS) protocol, which enables a client to outsource the stream data to an untrusted server in a verifiable manner, was introduced. However, we argue that existing VDS protocols based on the chameleon authentication tree (CAT) are inefficient in the data update, since the whole CAT must be updated accordingly to avoid acute exposure of chameleon hashing. Thus, they are infeasible for intelligent automation systems that need to frequently update data. In this article, we first introduce a new primitive called double-trapdoor chameleon hash tree (DCHT) based on the double-trapdoor chameleon hash families, where each leaf of DCHT is calculated and fixed by using a double-trapdoor chameleon hash family, making the entire DCHT always unchanged. Furthermore, we propose a novel VDS protocol based on the DCHT. Due to the distinctive properties of the underlying DCHT, the proposed VDS protocol has a constant update cost and more efficient than previous VDS protocols based on CAT. Besides, we prove that the proposed VDS protocol is secure in the standard model.

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