Effects of Rolling Force on Strip Shape during Tandem Cold Rolling Using a Novel Multistand Finite Element Model

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Steel Research International


In the tandem cold rolling (TCR) process, the work hardening effect has a direct influence on the rolling force, which affects the strip shape, including the strip crown and flatness, significantly. However, previous studies focus on the single finite element (FE) model, ignoring the work hardening effect. To investigate the effect of the rolling force on strip shape, herein, a novel elastic–plastic multistand FE model for the TCR process with consideration of the work hardening effect is proposed for the first time using a segmentation modeling strategy, data transfer technologies, and element remesh technology. The proposed FE model is verified by comparing with industrial experimental results. The effects of rolling force on the strip crown and flatness at each stand are investigated quantitatively using the developed FE model. The results illustrate that the strip crown at 40 mm from the edge (C 40) is in a decreasing trend when the rolling force decreases from stand 1 (S1) to stand 4 (S4). By contrast, interestingly, two opposite trends of C 40 are found at stand 5 (S5). This work provides a fresh perspective on the TCR simulation and contributes to further understanding the effect of the rolling force on the strip shape.

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