Blockchain-based secure deduplication and shared auditing in decentralized storage

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IEEE Transactions on Dependable and Secure Computing


Data deduplication and public auditing are significant for providing secure and efficient network storage services. However, the existing data deduplication schemes supporting auditing not only cannot effectively alleviate the threats of the single point of failure and duplicate-faking attack, but also have to bear the massive waste of computation and storage resources caused by metadata redundancy and repetitive audit tasks. In this paper, we propose a blockchain-based secure deduplication and shared auditing scheme in decentralized storage. Specifically, our scheme utilizes a novel deduplication protocol based on the double-server storage model to achieve efficient space-saving while protecting data users from losing data under a single point of failure and duplicate-faking attack. Besides, it sharply reduces the computation and storage costs of metadata by introducing a lightweight authenticator generation algorithm and update protocol. On this basis, our scheme further adopts a blockchain-based two-way shared auditing mechanism to achieve decentralized public auditing without the third-party auditor, in which the audit authenticators and results of outsourced data are shared among its users to avoid repetitive audit tasks. Security and performance analysis indicates the practicability of our scheme.

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