Increase in the Power Transfer Capability of Advanced Magnetic Material Based High Frequency Transformer by Using a Novel Distributed Winding Topology

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IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications


High frequency transformer (HFT) is being widely used in several modern applications. Most of the conventional HFT uses ordinary winding topology for which the magnetic core saturates without ensuring possible maximum power transfer. To overcome this technical problem, this paper proposes a new distributed winding topology (DWT) which can significantly increase the power transfer capability with the same magnetic core and turn number. Before applying the proposed DWT, the magnetic core is optimized in terms of shape and size. Various shapes including toroidal, rounded rectangle, circular shape, hexagonal cross section, square, and rectangular cross-sectional area of the core are considered for analysis. Amorphous alloy based material is considered for magnetic core of HFT for its extraordinary properties. Electrical and magnetic properties of different types of the design for optimization are presented extensively. Finite element analysis is used by ANSYS/Maxwell for simulation. It is found that, circular shape and rectangular cross-sectional magnetic core with 24-segmented DWT exhibits the best performance. Magnetic analysis shows that, flux density and field intensity are well distributed in the whole core that restricts the core from being saturated. Finally, the proposed optimized DWT based HFT is experimentally tested in the laboratory, which transfers 48.37 % more electrical power than the conventional one. It is expected that the proposed novel DWT based HFT would introduce a new design directory to the next generation HFT.

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