The influence of activity-based costing implementation on firm performance: an empirical evidence from vietnam*

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Montenegrin Journal of Economics


This study aims to investigate the influence of implementation of Activity-based-costing (ABC) method on Vietnamese firms’ performance. The research is based on agency theory, uncertainty theory, sociological theory and literature review to construct model with seven hypotheses. Research data was collected from 112 mining companies with 1,008 observations and data was analyzed by Cronbach Anpha, Exploratory Factor Analysis, and Regression. Results from the study firstly show that environmental uncertainty and market orientation are significant factors enhancing the successful implementation of ABC among manufacturing companies in Vietnam. Consequently, ABC implementation demonstrates a positive and significant role in the improvement of firm performance. This result supports the notion that promoting ABC implementation can help manufacturing companies to develop stably and sustainably, constantly improving their position and their firm performance. With the results, the research recommend that the firms’ managers should pay more attention to the application of modern management methods, especially the ABC. In addition, the firms’ managers should also pay more attention to environmental uncertainties caused by suppliers, competitors, customers, and other factors. All of these affects to firms’ performance via influence on the ABC implementation which in turn has effect on firms’ performance.

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