Robust Authentication Protocol for Dynamic Charging System of Electric Vehicles

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IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology


Electric vehicles have emerged as the future of transport worldwide with the rising need for greener and energy-efficient transportation solutions. This remarkable shift delegated a wide variety of protocols for reliable, scalable and secure communications in the electric vehicle transportation system. With this vision in mind, security researchers have proposed diverse authentication protocols vital for the electric vehicle charging system to protect the information exchanged between the various principals involved. Several existing authentication techniques, on the other hand, are either vulnerable to significant security threats or are limited to static charging. This paper proposes a robustauthentication mechanism for charging electric vehicles while driving, a scenario that is rapidly approaching in the future. The proposed protocol makes use of secure and lightweight primitives such as elliptic curves and hash functions. The proposed protocol's security is being analyzed to demonstrate that it is capable of withstanding relevant attacks. Additionally, the protocol achieves its objectives at a cost that is practically conceivable in terms of transmission and computing.

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