A novel superimposed porous copper/carbon film derived from polymer matrix as catalyst support for metal-air battery

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Journal of Porous Materials


Catalyst support of air cathode requires stable structure and high specific surface area, due to the unique semi open structure of metal-air battery. Herein, we prepare a novel 3D Copper/Carbon film catalyst support with dual 3D porous structure by nonsolvent induced phase separation and heat treatment process. During the heat treatment process in inert atmosphere, copper atom diffuses and recrystallizes to form the 3D porous structure with the support of polyacrylonitrile, and the polyacrylonitrile is carbonized to construct superimposed 3D carbon networks. This dual 3D porous Copper/Carbon film shows a high specific surface area of 7.61 m2 g−1, suitable mesopores pore size (2–10 nm), good conductivity (2.2 Ω) and mechanical properties. The as-prepared composites are used as air-cathode in aluminum-air battery, which exhibits good water resistance and air permeability after 3604 s discharging process with KOH electrolyte. This novel catalyst support could provide stable three-dimensional structure for high performance nano-sized catalyst, which supplies a new solution to develop high performance metal-air battery.

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