Axial compressive behavior of circular concrete-filled double steel tubular short columns

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Advances in Structural Engineering


This article investigates the axial compressive performance of concrete-filled double steel tubular (CFDST) short columns composed of circular section loaded concentrically. An experimental program comprised of compression tests on short columns is carried out to examine their structural performance. Axial compression tests on conventional concrete-filled steel tubular (CFST) columns and double-skin concrete-filled steel tubular (DCFST) columns are also performed for comparison purposes. The test parameters include the diameter-to-thickness of the outer and inner steel tubes, concrete strength, and diameter ratio. The test results exhibit that CFDST short columns composed of the circular section have improved structural performance compared to its CFST and DCFST counterparts. A theoretical model is also presented to simulate the test ultimate strengths and load-axial strain relationships of CFDST columns. The existing design models proposed including the codified design specifications are evaluated against the collected test data for predicting the axial compressive strengths of circular CFDST columns. It is seen that the existing codified design models cannot yield their ultimate axial compressive strengths accurately. A practical artificial neural network (ANN) model is proposed to estimate the ultimate load of such columns loaded concentrically.

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