An Efficient Single-Phase Transformer-less Grid-tied Photovoltaic Inverter to Reduce Leakage Current and Improve Power Quality

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2021 IEEE 4th International Conference on Computing, Power and Communication Technologies, GUCON 2021


Now-a-days, renewable energy has considered a potential source of energy to ensure the sustainable developments. Solar energy plays a vital role not only as a renewable energy source but also an environment friendly energy source. Power electronic inverter is commonly used to interconnect solar photovoltaic (PV) systems to power grids or ac loads. From last decades' industries have been developing solar PV inverters to make it transformer-less compact and lightweight, efficient, and grid friendly. This paper underpins a new single phase TLPV inverter topology, reducing extra leakage current, decreasing total harmonic distortion (THD) and improving power quality. Midpoint clamping method is applied to suppress leakage current. Unipolar sinusoidal pulse width modulation technique with zero dead time have been obtained to control the power switches that also helps to reduce the leakage current plus decreases THD by creating lower ripple on the output voltage. Seven super junction insulated gate bipolar transistors are used as the power switches. 10.28 mA leakage current has been recorded for the proposed inverter. The grid voltage and grid current THD have been recorded 0.42% and 1.62%, respectively. Besides 97.28% European efficiency has been found for this proposed H7 topology. The performance of the proposed inverter has been studied via MATLAB/Simulink simulation.

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