Translation of two healthy eating and active living support programs for parents of 2–6-year-old children: Outcomes of the ‘time for healthy habits’ parallel partially randomised preference trial

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This translation study assessed the effectiveness of two remotely delivered healthy eating and active living interventions for parents of 2-to 6-year-old children in improving child fruit and vegetable intake, non-core food intake, body mass index (BMI), physical activity, screen time, and sleep. Parents (n = 458) were recruited to a partially randomised preference trial comprising three intervention groups. Healthy Habits Plus comprised six telephone calls, Time2bHealthy comprised six online modules, and the active control comprised ten information sheets and a summary book-let. Data were collected from parents via a telephone questionnaire at baseline and nine months post-baseline. Data were analysed for randomised participants alone (n = 240), preference participants alone (n = 218), and all participants combined (n = 458). There was no significant improvement in fruit and vegetable intake (primary outcome) when comparing the telephone and online interventions to the control. In both the randomised only and all participants combined analyses, there was a significant improvement in non-core food intake for the telephone intervention compared to the control (p < 0.001). Differences between interventions for other outcomes were small. In conclu-sion, the telephone and online interventions did not improve child fruit and vegetable intake rela-tive to written materials, but the telephone intervention did improve non-core food intake.

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