Design and implementation of a high step-up dc-dc converter based on the conventional boost and buck-boost converters with high value of the efficiency suitable for renewable application

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Sustainability (Switzerland)


This paper introduces a novel topology of the proposed converter that has these merits: (i) the topology of the converter is based on conventional boost and buck-boost converters, which has caused its simplicity; (ii) the voltage gain of the converter has provided higher values by the lower value of the duty cycle; (iii) due to the use of high-efficiency conventional topologies in its structure, the efficiency of the converter keeps its high value for a great interval of duty cycle; (iv) besides the increase of the voltage gain, the current/voltage stresses of the semiconductors have been kept low; (v) the continuous input current of this converter reduces the current stress of the capacitor in the input filter. It is worth noting that the proposed converter has been discussed in both ideal and non-ideal modes. Moreover, the operation of the converter has been discussed in both continuous/discontinuous current modes. The advantages of the converter have been compared with recently suggested converters. In addition, the different features of the converter have been discussed for different conditions. In the small-signal analysis, the appropriate compensator has been designed. Finally, the simulation and experimental results have been reported for 90 W output power, 90 V output voltage, 3-times voltage gain, and 100 kHz switching frequency.

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