The High Frequency Magnetic-Link with Distributed HTS YBCO Windings for Power Converter Applications

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IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity


High frequency magnetic-link (HFML) is widely used in medium/high voltage power electronic converters for various applications. In this paper, a 440 V, 100 kHz compact HFML is designed with ANSYS/Maxwell software environment where the amorphous material is used as the magnetic core. The HFML is analyzed with solid toroidal cores with various winding configurations. A comparison of the HFML is performed for both the conventional copper winding and superconducting winding. Yttrium barium copper oxide material-based superconductor tape is applied to obtain the maximum power of the HFML. In addition, suitable winding configuration is selected to ensure possible maximum electrical power transfer while minimizing the magnetic saturation in the core. Simulation results show the electrical parameters of the HFML along with its magnetic flux density and power. The proposed HFML design with distributed winding is validated experimentally with a small-scale prototype where it is found that the maximum power transfer capability is increased more than 48% than that of the conventional one.

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