A process-driven and need-oriented framework for review of technological contributions to disaster management

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An escalation in the frequency and intensity of natural disasters is observed over the last decade, forcing the community to develop innovative technological solutions to reduce disaster impact. The multidisciplinary nature of disaster management suggests the collaboration between different disciplines for an efficient outcome; however, any such collaborative framework is found lacking in the literature. A common taxonomy and interpretation of disaster management related constraints are critical to develop efficient technological solutions. This article proposes a process-driven and need-oriented framework to facilitate the review of technology based contributions in disaster management. The proposed framework aims to bring technological contributions and disaster management activities in a single frame to better classify and analyse the literature. A systematic review of benchmark disruptive technology based contributions to disaster management has been performed using the proposed framework. Furthermore, a set of basic requirements and constraints at each phase of a disaster management process have been proposed and cited literature has been analysed to highlight corresponding trends. Finally, the scope of computer vision in disaster management is explored and potential activities where computer vision can be used in the future are highlighted.

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