Ru(bpy)32+-sensitized {001} facets LiCoO2 nanosheets catalyzed CO2 reduction reaction with 100% carbonaceous products

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Nano Research


Photosensitized heterogeneous CO2 reduction (PHCR) has emerged as a promising means to convert CO2 into valuable chemicals, however, challenged by the relatively low carbonaceous product selectivity caused by the competing hydrogen evolution reaction (HER). Here, we report a PHCR system that couples Ru(bpy)32+ photosensitizer with {001} faceted LiCoO2 nanosheets photocatalyst to simultaneously yield 21.2 and 722 µmol·g−1·h−1 of CO, and 4.42 and 108 µmol·g−1·h−1 of CH4 under the visible light and the simulated sunlight irradiations, respectively, with completely suppressed HER. The experimental and theoretical studies reveal that the favored CO2 adsorption on the exposed Li sites on {001} faceted LiCoO2 surface is responsible for the completely suppressed HER. [Figure not available: see fulltext.]

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