Inkjet Printing of Perovskite Nanosheets for Microcapacitors

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Advanced Electronic Materials


Dielectric capacitors are an essential passive component widely used in integrated circuits. Recently, inkjet printing of 2D nanosheets into highly insulating layers has been developed for capacitor applications. However, the relatively low dielectric constant inherently associated with 2D nanosheets will hinder the rational design of high-performance capacitor devices. In this work, the inks of high-k Ca2NaNb4O13 perovskite nanosheets are formulated, and all-printed dielectric capacitor consisting of Ca2NaNb4O13 films with commercial Ag electrodes is demonstrated. An average areal capacitance of ≈21 nF cm−2, together with low current density (<10−7 A cm−2) and low dielectric loss (≈2%), is achieved for the dielectric layer with thickness of ≈2 µm. The research shows that high-k perovskite nanosheets have a great potential for applications in ink-based additive manufacturing of flexible electronic devices.

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National Natural Science Foundation of China



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