Modeling and Design of a Multiport Magnetic Bus-Based Novel Wind-Wave Hybrid Ocean Energy Technology

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IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications


This paper proposes a multiport magnetic bus (MMB)-based novel wind-wave hybrid ocean energy technology (HOET). The ocean waves are mixed frequency waves and generate unique frequency spectra. The wave energy converters (WECs) connected to the linear permanent magnet generators generate voltages with varying amplitudes and frequencies due to the variation of the wind speed and direction. The proposed MMB of the proposed compact wind-wave HOET can provide galvanic isolation and allow a high-frequency operation of the MMB. A decoupled voltage and current control architecture is proposed to regulate the voltage and current waveforms in the high-frequency inverter modules of the MMB that can integrate multiple WECs. An Archimedes wave swing-based conversion method is utilized for the modeling and the design of the proposed WEC. A damping controller is designed to extract the maximum power from the irregular waves. For the wind-energy generation system, a doubly-fed induction generator-based technology is considered. The simulation and the laboratoryscale experimental results validate the potential and the applicability of the proposed wind-wave HOET as an effective means to harness ocean energy.

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