Identity-Based Linkable Ring Signatures from Lattices

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IEEE Access


Linkable ring signatures is a useful cryptographic tool for constructing applications such as ones relative to electronic voting (e-voting), digital cashes (e-cashes) as well as cloud computing. Equipped with linkable ring signatures, e-voting, e-cash systems can simultaneously enjoy the privacy and the unreusability properties thanks to the anonymity and the linkability of linkable ring signatures. Likewise, cloud servers can enjoy a privacy-preserving ability, a flexible access control and an efficient security management with linkable ring signatures. Moreover, linkable ring signatures built in the identity-based setting would help to remove the expense of using the conventional public key infrastructure and also could be applied to the user management. This primitive hence would be suitable for huge-scale applications. In this paper, we present the first identity-based linkable ring signatures (IdLRS) in both integer lattice and ideal lattice setting. The proposed IdLRS is proved secure in the random oracle model and based on the hardness of the short integer solution and ring short integer solution assumption. We also implement the proposed idLRS as a proof of concept and then do some experiments to evaluate the running times and the sizes.

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