Temperature-Dependent Terahertz Emission from Co/Mn2Au Spintronic Bilayers

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Physica Status Solidi - Rapid Research Letters


Recently, ferromagnetic/nonmagnetic heavy metal heterostructures have been intensively investigated as terahertz (THz) emitters. The interconversion of spin-to-charge dynamics plays a central role for efficient emission of THz electromagnetic pulses. However, a direct observation of spin–charge interconversion in antiferromagnetic (AFM) materials occurring on the sub-picosecond time scale remains a challenge. Herein, the magnetic-field-, pump-fluence-, and polarization-dependent THz emission behaviors by a femtosecond optical pump in cobalt (Co)/Mn2Au nanometer heterostructure are experimentally investigated. The Co/Mn2Au bilayer generates sizable THz signals, whereas the Mn2Au/Pt bilayer does not show any THz emission. In addition, the thickness- and temperature-dependent THz emission measurements indicate a direct relation between the THz amplitude and the conductivity of AFM Mn2Au layer. The results obtained will not only promote the fundamental understanding of ultrafast spin–charge interconversion in Co/Mn2Au heterostructures, but also provide a possibility of spectroscopic-based spin current detector at THz-frequency range.

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