Technological Pedagogical and Content Knowledge (TPACK): Higher Education Teachers’ Perspectives on the Use of TPACK in Online Academic Writing Classes

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Communications in Computer and Information Science


This paper revisits the technological, pedagogical and content knowledge (TPACK) framework and its use in Higher Education, especially in the online writing classes. The framework for teaching with technology was described by Mishra and Kohler [19], who mentioned that it was built on Shulman's [27] theory of “pedagogical content knowledge”. The framework describes the logic behind the technology used in teaching. So it equips teachers with the knowledge they need to design or use activities while teaching with technology. The study aims at exploring the Higher Education teachers’ level of mastery of the framework and their perspectives about using it in online academic writing classes. A survey was designed based on the framework and sent to higher education TESOL teachers to explore their perspectives on the utilisation of the TPACK framework in writing classes. The sample was comprised of (n = 43) university teachers. The study concluded that Higher Education teachers have positive views towards using the TPACK framework in online classes. Besides, the study discussed some pedagogical implications that can be useful for various educational stakeholders and policymakers.

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