Investigation of collaborative, social media saas cloud-based services’ acceptance model on the millennials

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Studies in Computational Intelligence


Collaborative and social media services that are cloud-based provided by SaaS cloud computing are essential in the daily life of students and crucial in the pedagogical process that make the learning process easier, enjoyable, and have tangible benefits on both, the student and the lecturer. This work attempts to assess comprehensively the dominant factors of the adoption of the collaborative and the cloud-based social media services and applications and evaluate the postulated model in Part I of this search. Partial Least Squares-Structural equation modeling (PLS-SEM) was employed to test the hypotheses. Results revealed appropriateness of the model and supported hypotheses except for social norms influence, and the mediating effect of behavior intention on social norms. The results gained highlight the important factors that business, higher education institutes, and government sectors should focus upon to boost the adoption of collaborative and social media SaaS technologies in developing countries. Limitations, implications, and future directions provided.

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