Gate-Controlled Magnetic Phase Transition in a van der Waals Magnet Fe5GeTe2

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Nano Letters


Magnetic van der Waals (vdW) materials are poised to enable all-electrical control of magnetism in the two-dimensional limit. However, tuning the magnetic ground state in vdW itinerant ferromagnets by voltage-induced charge doping remains a significant challenge, due to the extremely large carrier densities in these materials. Here, by cleaving the vdW itinerant ferromagnet Fe5GeTe2(F5GT) into 5.4 nm (around two unit cells), we find that the ferromagnetism (FM) in F5GT can be substantially tuned by the thickness. Moreover, by utilizing a solid protonic gate, an electron doping concentration of above 1021cm-3has been exhibited in F5GT nanosheets. Such a high carrier accumulation exceeds that possible in widely used electric double-layer transistors (EDLTs) and surpasses the intrinsic carrier density of F5GT. Importantly, it is accompanied by a magnetic phase transition from FM to antiferromagnetism (AFM). The realization of an antiferromagnetic phase in nanosheet F5GT suggests the promise of applications in high-temperature antiferromagnetic vdW devices and heterostructures.

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