Personalised cancer care in the era of precision medicine

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Australian journal of general practice


BACKGROUND: Advances in cancer treatment have not benefited all patients equally, underscoring the need for a personalised approach to care. OBJECTIVE: The aim of this article is to outline the key elements of personalised cancer care, including delivery of goal-directed care, self-management and self-management support, care integration, focus on access and equity, reduction in cost and promotion of health literacy and e-health literacy. DISCUSSION: Achievement of personalised cancer care requires a system-wide approach that targets the patient, healthcare provider and healthcare system with data informing practice. Primary care providers, including general practitioners (GPs) and practice nurses, play an important and growing part in the provision of personalised cancer care through support, advocacy, coordination, holistic care and health promotion. Cancer care systems can facilitate GPs' involvement in care through early input into multidisciplinary management, timely communication, rapid access to acute care and training opportunities.

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