An Advanced Control Scheme for Voltage Source Inverter Based Grid-Tied PV Systems

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IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity


Nowadays, the use of superconductive magnetic energy storage (SMES) devices in grid integration are highly escalated with the technological amelioration of magnetic components. The power quality and energy conversion efficiency of the power conditioning system of the SMES and renewable energy systems depend on the control algorithms of the voltage source inverter (VSI). However, the traditional control schemes cause inferior response and conversion efficiency. In this paper, an advanced control technique named PI+LLC controller is proposed, which is based on the proportional integral (PI) controller and lead-lag compensator (LLC). The proposed control technique offers significant reduction in the total harmonic distortion (THD), superior dynamic response, smooth response against fault, excellent reference tracking capability of grid current and improved power quality performance at both inverter side and grid side for a 5-level neutral point clamped inverter based grid-tied photovoltaic system. It is expected that, the proposed control scheme can also be used to mitigate the excessive heat of the VSI based SMES system by improving the performance of the power conditioning system. The performance of the proposed control technique is evaluated in MATLAB/Simulink environment to validate the excellent features of the proposed control scheme.

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