Multiple effects health economic evaluation of the Ahead of The Game Study for mental health promotion in sporting club communities

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Health Economics Review


Background: This study evaluates the Ahead Of The Game (AOTG) mental health promotion strategy for adolescent males relative to usual practice in team based sporting club community settings, allowing for joint incremental effects across 13 dimensions and 5 domains alongside intervention implementation costs. Methods: Analysis is undertaken between matched communities with difference in differences analysis of joint multiple pre-post effect changes alongside implementation costs employing radar plots in cost-disutility space. A robust bootstrapping method allowed including all observed change in effect data from 343 AOTG and 273 control arm participants across 13 effect dimensions. Results: Triangulation across joint evidence shows mean incremental effects favoured AOTG in all dimensions (10/13 significantly at 5% level) and in simple aggregation to each of five pre-specified 5 domains (each significant at < 1% level) and global measures (significant at 0.001% level), while mean AOTG implementation costs were conservatively estimated as $37.47 per participant. Conclusion: The AOTG strategy was found to represent an effective mental health promotion strategy across all domains and globally with associated significant potential for downstream health system cost savings to offset against modest implementation costs. Evaluation methods extend conventional cost-effectiveness analysis to enable robust joint presentation and triangulation under uncertainty of multiple effect dimensions alongside costs. Trial registration: ANZCTR, ACTRN12617000709347. Registered 17th May 2017.

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