A scoping review on the extent and nature of anxiety-related research within the research domain criteria (RDoC) framework: Limited coverage using non-disorder-specific search terms

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New Ideas in Psychology


The need for research on modifiable risk factors in anxiety has been highlighted in previous reviews synthesizing literature on the etiology and maintenance of anxiety. The Research Domain Criteria (RDoC) provides a useful framework to lead this body of work. A scoping review was conducted to examine the extent and nature of research evidence on each RDoC domain as they have been investigated in anxiety via relevant correlates, with the end goal of informing future research priorities. The coverage of this review was limited to search terms bound within non-disorder-specific anxious pathology. The adopted selection criteria resulted in 170 cases (across 94 studies) where RDoC-relevant correlates of anxiety were studied. Results highlight disparate research focus across domains (limited research on processes within the Positive Valence Systems, Systems for Social Processes, and Arousal/Regulatory Systems), inconsistent findings within domains (Cognitive Systems), and a lack of research on cross-domain interactions.

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