The first real-time intrafraction target position monitoring in pancreas SBRT on an Elekta linear accelerator

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Physical and Engineering Sciences in Medicine


To perform implanted fiducial based real-time target position monitoring in pancreas stereotactic body radiotherapy (SBRT) using the x-ray imaging system available in a Elekta linear accelerator. An in-house system was developed and clinically utilised for real-time target position monitoring of pancreas SBRT delivery. The developed system was used for the target position monitoring of a pancreas cancer patient treated in free breathing treatment within the study entitled ‘Mfolfirinox And STEreotactic Radiotherapy for Patients with Locally Advanced paNcreas cancer (MASTERPLAN): a feasibility study’ (ACTRN 12617001642370) consisting of five treatment fractions. The clinical efficacy of the system was studied by performing a retrospective cumulative dose assessment of delivered dose using observed position deviations. The developed system identified two events of baseline shifts in target position that exceeded the accepted tolerance level of ± 3 mm from reference planned position. The retrospective dose assessment study showed that if the position deviations were not detected and corrected for, the maximum dose to duodenum would have increased from 34.6 to 38.8 Gy. The first real-time position monitoring in pancreas SBRT on an Elekta linear accelerator was successfully performed. The developed system was shown to improve the safety and accuracy of SBRT delivery.

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