Synthesis and characterization of mullite-ZrO2 porous fibrous ceramic for highly efficient oil-water separation

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Ceramics International


This work aimed to proposing a new strategy for preparing the mullite-ZrO2 porous fibrous ceramic used as alternative matrix material for oil-water separation by the aqueous gel-casting method. The properties of the fabricated porous fibrous ceramics in terms of microstructure, phase composition, apparent porosity, bulk density and compressive strength were investigated and the separation behavior was predicted by analyzing the structural changes. It is demonstrated that the phase composition of green bodies consisted of bayerite, boehmite, ZrSiO4 and YSZ, and the sintered sample contained mullite, ZrO2 and YSZ. As the YSZ fibers increased, the porosity of the fabricated porous ceramic increased with the maximum value of 70.65% due to the formation of more pores caused by YSZ fibers. Moreover, a significant increase in compressive strength (up to 9.52–21.86 MPa) was observed with the increase of YSZ fibers. Therefore, the fabricated porous ceramics could be appropriative for advanced applications of separation membranes for oil-water separation.

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