A hybrid interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy aggregation operator-based algorithm for team member selection of international entrepreneurs

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Contributions to Management Science


Selecting inappropriate partners and forming a non-homogeneous team is one of the root causes of entrepreneur failure. Therefore, it seems important and essential to equip the idea owners and entrepreneurs to choose their team members and colleagues using a formal framework. An implicit property of this problem is its multi-criteria nature. Certainly, choosing team members just based on their technical abilities can be misleading. Therefore, an acceptable team member selection methodology should envisage the attitudes and behavioural, social, and other characteristics of candidates to be selected as a team member. These features are usually evaluated hesitantly, and decision-makers must be equipped with uncertainty handling frameworks. In this chapter, the problem of team member selection, considering its multi-criteria and uncertain nature, is investigated. After reviewing previous literature and identifying the criteria used to select team members, a multi-criteria approach based on interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy (IVIF) aggregation operators is proposed. The flexibility of the IVIF in handling hesitancy along with using different aggregation operators strengthens the suitability of the proposed method to aid entrepreneurs in selecting their team members. To illustrate the usability and effectiveness of the proposed framework, a real-word case of selecting three members is analysed.

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