Predicting the Compression Index of Saturated Reconstituted Contaminated Clays Using Index Properties

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KSCE Journal of Civil Engineering


An empirical equation was proposed to predict compression index (Cc) of saturated reconstituted contaminated clays. Experimental data from 464 oedometer tests from literature were analyzed, aiding to develop a method for predicting the Cc of saturated reconstituted contaminated clays. The predictive capacity of three existing empirical equations of Cc with either liquid limit (wL), plasticity index (PI) or initial porosity (n0) was assessed. It was found that these equations previously used for clean soils roughly predict the Cc value of saturated reconstituted contaminated clays. To better predict the Cc, a series of empirical equations were established by regression analysis of the experimental data. Finally, the “best” equation was determined by an assessment of goodness of fit.

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National Natural Science Foundation of China



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