Link Schedulers for Green Wireless Networks with Energy Sharing

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IEEE Transactions on Green Communications and Networking


This paper considers wireless link scheduling in a new setting: nodes with Energy Harvesting (EH) as well as energy sharing capabilities. We propose a Mixed Integer Linear Program (MILP) to determine (i) the shortest link schedule, whereby active links in the same slot adhere to the physical interference model, (ii) the optimal transmission power of active links, and (iii) the amount of energy shared by nodes in each slot. We also outline a novel heuristic algorithm to generate a link schedule for large-scale networks. In addition, we outline a distributed protocol that is used by nodes to independently determine whether to share energy and/or transmit data in each slot. Our results show that (i) energy sharing reduces schedule lengths by about 20%, and (ii) our distributed algorithm generates schedule lengths that are approximately 65% shorter as compared to a protocol that requires nodes to decide randomly whether to transmit data or/and share energy.

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