Structure and properties of Al2O3-bonded porous fibrous YSZ ceramics fabricated by aqueous gel-casting

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Ceramics International


To meet requirements for high porosity and high strength, novel aqueous gel-casting process has been successfully developed to fabricate Al2O3-bonded porous fibrous YSZ ceramics with ρ-Al2O3 and YSZ fibers as raw materials. Microstructure, phase composition, apparent porosity, bulk density, thermal conductivity, and compressive strength of fabricated porous ceramics were investigated, and effects of fiber content on properties were discussed. According to results, bird nest 3D mesh with interlaced YSZ fibers and Al2O3 binder was formed, ensuring the ability to obtain high performance, lightweight ceramics. An increase in the number of YSZ fibers led to more complex interlaced arrangement of fibers and denser network structure of porous ceramics at retaining their stability. Furthermore, their apparent porosity and bulk density increased, whereas thermal conductivity and compressive strength decreased with increasing the fiber content. In particular, comparatively high porosity (71.1–72.7%), low thermal conductivity (0.209–0.503 W/mK), and relatively high compressive strength (3.45–4.24 MPa) were obtained for as-prepared porous ceramics, making them promising for applications in filters, thermal insulation materials, and separation membranes.

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