Energy-limiting factor for coal and gas outburst occurrence in intact coal seam

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International Journal of Mining Science and Technology


This research reviewed the mechanics and gas desorption properties of intact coal, and tested the crushing work ratios of different intact coals, and then, studied the stress conditions for the failure or crushing of intact coal and the gas demand for the pulverization of intact coal particles. When a real-life outburst case is examined, the required minimum stress for intact coal outburst is estimated. The study concludes that the crushing work ratios of three intact coal samples vary from 294.3732 to 945.8048 J/m2. For the real-life case, more than 2300 MJ of transport work is needed, and 10062.09, 7046.57 and 5895.47 m3 of gas is required when the gas pressure is 1, 2 and 3 MPa, respectively. The crushing work exceeds the transport work and even reaches 13.96 times of the transport work. How to provide such an enormous crushing work is an energy-limiting factor for the outburst in intact coal. The strain energy is needed for the crushing work, and the required minimum stress is over 54.35 MPa, even reaching 300.44 MPa. These minimum stresses far exceed the in-situ vertical and horizontal stresses that can be provided at the 300–700 m mining depth range.

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