mHealth applications for childhood cancer support and self-management: Persuasive systems design features

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CEUR Workshop Proceedings


The wide accessibility of mobile devices and the potential for self-management and informational support through mHealth applications provides an opportunity to address unmet informational needs, achieve patient self-management, and provide long-term care for young cancer patients and their parents/caregivers. The aim of this paper is to examine the functionalities and features offered by mHealth applications for the support and self-management of childhood and adolescent cancer patients. In order to evaluate the influence of these apps on the user’s motivation for behaviour change, an extensive review was conducted and the features of the selected applications are further analysed using the Persuasive Systems Design. The review provided in this paper found a number of mobile health applications fulfilling a variety of functions and needs for childhood and young adult cancer patients and their families. Most of the analysed applications provide one or few features from the Persuasive Systems Design primary task support, dialogue, or social support category.

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