Corrigendum to “Numerical analysis of axially loaded circular high strength concrete-filled double steel tubular short columns” [Thin-Walled. Struct. 138 (2019) 105–116] (Thin-Walled Structures (2019) 138 (105–116), (S0263823118312023), (10.1016/j.tws.2019.02.001))

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Thin-Walled Structures


The authors regret that the above article contained some typewriting and calculation errors. The corrections are given as follows: Page 115, in Section 8, the word ‘suing’ should read as ‘using’. Page 115, the mean calculated-to-measured ultimate axial strengths calculated by using Eurocode 4 should read as 1.05. Page 116, in Conclusion, Point 6, it should read as ‘the design rules specified by Eurocode 4 provides unconservative estimations’. Page 110, in Table 2, the ultimate strengths ([Formula presented]) computed by using Eurocode 4 are corrected as follows: Table 2 Ultimate axial strengths of circular CFDST short columns. [Table presented]

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