Millennials’ purchasing behavior toward fashion clothing brands: influence of brand awareness and brand schematicity

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Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management


Purpose: The purpose of this research is to investigate the millennial consumers’ purchasing behavior of fashion clothing brands in the spectrum of brand awareness, brand schematicity with brand consciousness and brand nationality. This study mainly considered the millennial consumers as they are the most dynamic and discerning segment when choosing a distinct fashion brand. Design/methodology/approach: The study uses a well-structured questionnaire developed and distributed to 266 millennial respondents using shoping malls and university campus intercept methods. Data were analyzed by applying the structural equation modeling. Findings: The results show that brand awareness has a mediating effect on the millennials’ purchasing behavior toward fashion clothing brands. The study also confirms the active moderation role of brand schematicity on the purchasing behavior toward fashion clothing brands. Practical implications: Based on these findings, the fashion clothing retailers should aim to maximize their sales from the millennial segments by enhancing brand awareness. The schematic consumers are more engaged in the numbers of quality hints to make their choice on the fashion clothing brands. Therefore, the practitioners must consider such information, and that should be available in the fashion clothing retail outlets. Originality/value: The study contributes to the existing literature of the millennials’ purchasing behavior toward the fashion clothing brands. Moreover, research on this segment related to brand awareness and brand schematicity is insufficient, and the current study may add significant value.

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