The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Branding: A Bibliometric Analysis (1982-2019)

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Journal of Global Information Management


Understanding the growth paths of artificial intelligence (AI) and its impact on branding is extremely pertinent of technology-driven marketing. This explorative research covers a complete bibliometric analysis of the impact of AI on branding. The sample for this research included all 117 articles from the period of 1982-2019 in the Scopus database. A bibliometric study was conducted using cooccurrence, citation analysis and co-citation analysis. The empirical analysis investigates the value propositions of AI on branding. The study revealed the nine clusters of co-occurrence: Social Media Analytics and Brand Equity; Neural Networks and Brand Choice; Chat Bots-Brand Intimacy; Twitter, Facebook, Instagram-Luxury Brands; Interactive Agent-Brand Love and User Choice; Algorithm Recommendations and E-Brand Experience; User-Generated Content-Brand Sustainability; Brand Intelligence Analytics; and Digital Innovations and Brand Excellence. The findings also identify four clusters of citation analysis Social Media Analysis and Brand Photos, Network Analysis and E-Commerce, Hybrid Simulating Modelling, and Real-Time Knowledge-Based Systems and four clusters of co-citation analysis: B2B Technology Brands, AI Fostered E-Brands, Information Cascades and Online Brand Ratings, and Voice Assistants-Brand Eureka Moments. Overall, the study presents the patterns of convergence and divergence of themes, narrowing to the specific topic, and multidisciplinary engagement in research, thus offering the recent insights in the field of AI on branding.

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