Research progress of flexible sodium-ion batteries derived from renewable polymer materials

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Electrochemistry Communications


Sodium-ion batteries have been developing rapidly in recent years due to abundant sodium resources. Organic polymers and their derived carbon materials are abundant in resources, with small environmental footprint and controllable structural design, and can be directly used in the positive and anode of sodium ion batteries, which is of great significance for green and sustainable development. Organic polymers also offer great advantages in flexible Sodium-ion batteries due to their inherent flexibility. The research progress of flexible organic polymer materials and flexible polymer derived carbon materials in sodium ion batteries are reviewed. Among them, flexible organic polymer materials will be divided into flexible organic polymer carbonyl molecules and their composites with graphene/carbon nanotubes. For polymer-derived carbon materials, we will introduce several different precursors and preparation methods. Perspectives are envisioned for the further development of flexible renewable polymer materials.

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National Natural Science Foundation of China



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