Constructing nitrided interfaces for stabilizing Li metal electrodes in liquid electrolytes

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Chemical Science


Traditional Li ion batteries based on intercalation-type anodes have been approaching their theoretical limitations in energy density. Replacing the traditional anode with metallic Li has been regarded as the ultimate strategy to develop next-generation high-energy-density Li batteries. Unfortunately, the practical application of Li metal batteries has been hindered by Li dendrite growth, unstable Li/electrolyte interfaces, and Li pulverization during battery cycling. Interfacial modification can effectively solve these challenges and nitrided interfaces stand out among other functional layers because of their impressive effects on regulating Li+flux distribution, facilitating Li+diffusion through the solid-electrolyte interphase, and passivating the active surface of Li metal electrodes. Although various designs for nitrided interfaces have been put forward in the last few years, there is no paper that specialized in reviewing these advances and discussing prospects. In consideration of this, we make a systematic summary and give our comments based on our understanding. In addition, a comprehensive perspective on the future development of nitrided interfaces and rational Li/electrolyte interface design for Li metal electrodes is included.

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