Energy storage integration towards achieving grid decarbonization: A bibliometric analysis and future directions

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Journal of Energy Storage


During the last decade, numerous important benefits have been considered in energy storage development as a form of grid decarbonization that has enhanced a great impact on innovation, investigation, and further developments for emerging energy storage technologies. In this article, a comprehensive overview and investigation have been provided in the field of energy storage to achieve grid decarbonization. Related articles on energy storage integration were searched on the Scopus database under some defined conditions for the selection of the hot articles in this field. Most of the articles were published in 2018s (20) and the country of origin of the largest number of papers in Germany (19). The most profile authors were from 3 different countries of origin (seven of them from Germany) and 5 different institutions, which published 35 articles. This study identified that energy storage integration as a form of achieving grid decarbonization has offered great insights into the advancement and development in this research area. In this study, grid conned energy storage was determined based on evidence through bibliometric analysis to identify the most influential articles, journals, and countries in the field, mapping the interdisciplinary character, visualizing nature and trends, and synthesizing areas for further research. It is estimated that selecting, developing, and investigating the highest cited papers and its analysis will contribute to a systematic basis for future advancement of energy storage integration and suggest promising avenues for further research towards achieving grid decarbonization.

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