Comparative evaluation of solar PV hosting capacity enhancement using Volt-VAr and Volt-Watt control strategies

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Renewable Energy


Integration of solar photovoltaic systems to low-voltage distribution networks is witnessing an unprecedented growth in many parts of the world. Although solar photovoltaic generation is of significant benefit from a number of angles, exceedance of hosting capacity levels by such installations in low-voltage distribution networks continue to cause significant technical challenges in network operation, especially to the management of network voltage. Modern smart inverters are equipped with Volt-VAr and Volt-Watt control capabilities, which can assist in the management of network voltage levels. This paper provides a detailed analysis of the influence of different connection standards which cover these strategies on solar photovoltaic hosting capacity and their applicability in low-voltage distribution networks. Smart inverters with differing Volt-VAr and Volt-Watt control functions are modelled in the DIgSILENT PowerFactory platform. Influence of different connection standards on solar photovoltaic hosting capacity is analysed to investigate the most beneficial connection approach/es to address the issue of voltage violations. Furthermore, the work presented in this paper provides a greater understanding on the hosting capacity improvement by employing advanced inverter control functions where such improvements are subjected to locational aspects of inverters in low-voltage distribution systems.

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