Postsynthetic Modification of Half-Sandwich Ruthenium Complexes by Mechanochemical Synthesis

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Inorganic Chemistry


A mild and environmentally friendly method to synthesize half-sandwich ruthenium complexes through the Wittig reaction between an aldehyde-tagged half-sandwich ruthenium complex and phosphorus ylide mechanochemically is reported herein. The mechanochemical synthesis of valuable half-sandwich ruthenium complexes resulted in a fast reaction, good yield with simple workup, and the avoidance of harsh reaction conditions and organic solvents. The synthesized half-sandwich ruthenium complexes exhibited high catalytic activity for transfer hydrogenation of ketones using 2-propanol as the hydrogen source and solvent. Density functional theory was carried out to propose a mechanism for the transfer hydrogenation process. The modeling suggests the importance of the labile p-cymene ligand in modulating the reactivity of the catalyst.

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