Cd3(IO3)(IO4)F2·0.1CdO: A Nonlinear-Optical Crystal with the Introduction of Fluoride into Iodate Containing Both [IO3]-and [IO4]3-Groups

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Inorganic Chemistry


A new d10 transition-metal iodate fluoride, namely, Cd3(IO3)(IO4)F2·0.1CdO, was successfully designed and synthesized via the mid-infrared hydrothermal method. It crystallizes in the polar space group R3m and features the coexistence of the [IO3]- and [IO4]3- groups. Cd3(IO3)(IO4)F2·0.1CdO has a strong second-harmonic-generation response of about 3.0 times that of KDP(KH2PO4), large birefringence (0.133 at 546.1 nm), and a wide energy band gap (4.00 eV). In addition, the power laser damage threshold (LDT) measurement indicated that it possesses a high LDT of 84.29 MW/cm2, which is about 30 times that of AgGaS2. These superior properties showed that Cd3(IO3)(IO4)F2·0.1CdO may be an excellent nonlinear-optical crystal for visible and mid-infrared application.

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