Advanced Switching Sequences Based Model Predictive Control for Single-Phase NPC Converters

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IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics


This paper presents a continuous control set model predictive control (MPC) based advanced switching sequence (SS) for the single-phase three-level grid connected neutral point clamp converters. The SSs are developed considering the tracking performance of the current feed to the utility grid, balancing the dc-bus capacitors voltages as well as the switching loss in the semiconductor devices. In the proposed strategy, the number of pole state change (SC) per control cycle is only 2, while in the conventional optimum switching sequence and the multiple voltage vector (VV) based MPC (pulse sequence similar to the conventional space vector pulse width modulation technique), the number of pole SC is 4. The reduction of SC in each control cycle greatly reduces the switching loss of the power devices. Moreover, the dc-bus capacitors voltages are balanced using the redundancy nature of the VVs that further facilitates a weighting factor less design of the proposed technique. Furthermore, the proposed scheme can maintain fixed switching frequency operation, which is very advantageous for selecting the filter parameters during real life implementation. The effectiveness of the proposed strategy is validated by simulation in MATLAB/Simulink and throughout experiment with a down scaled laboratory test ring.

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