In-wheel motor vibration control for distributed-driven electric vehicles: A review

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IEEE Transactions on Transportation Electrification


Efficient, safe, and comfortable electric vehicles (EVs) are essential for the creation of a sustainable transport system. Distributed-driven EVs, which often use in-wheel motors (IWMs), have many benefits with respect to size (compactness), controllability, and efficiency. However, the vibration of IWMs is a particularly important factor for both passengers and drivers, and it is therefore crucial for a successful commercialization of distributed-driven EVs. This paper provides a comprehensive literature review and state-of-the-art vibration-source-analysis and -mitigation methods in IWMs. First, selection criteria are given for IWMs, and a multidimensional comparison for several motor types is provided. The IWM vibration sources are then divided into internally-, and externally-induced vibration sources and discussed in detail. Next, vibration reduction methods, which include motor-structure optimization, motor controller, and additional control-components, are reviewed. Emerging research trends and an outlook for future improvement aims are summarized at the end of the paper. This paper can provide useful information for researchers, who are interested in the application and vibration mitigation of IWMs or similar topics.

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