Soft-Switched Three-Port DC-DC Converter with Simple Auxiliary Circuit

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IEEE Access


In this paper, a new high efficiency soft-switching non-isolated three-port converter (TPC) is proposed. In the conventional TPC, three switches are required to process power in different directions between inputs and output. Providing soft-switching condition for all switches using a low number of auxiliary components is a challenging task. In this paper, the conventional TPC topology is modified by changing its structure and adding a simple auxiliary circuit such that all switches operate under soft-switching condition in all operating modes. To reduce the volume of the converter, the magnetic components are integrated using a coupled inductor in the auxiliary soft-switching cell. In this paper, various converter operating modes are presented, and design considerations are discussed. Finally, a prototype 200 W, 100 V converter is implemented in the laboratory, and the theoretical analysis is validated by the experimental results.

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