A Verifiable and Fair Attribute-based Proxy Re-encryption Scheme for Data Sharing in Clouds

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IEEE Transactions on Dependable and Secure Computing


To manage outsourced encrypted data sharing in clouds, attribute-based proxy re-encryption (ABPRE) has become an elegant primitive. In ABPRE, a cloud server can transform an original recipient's ciphertext to a new one of a shared user's. As the transformation is computation consuming, a malicious cloud server may return an incorrect re-encrypted ciphertext to save its computation resources. Moreover, a shared user may accuse the cloud server of returning an incorrect re-encrypted ciphertext to refuse to pay the cost of using the cloud service. However, existing ABPRE schemes do not support a mechanism to achieve verifiability and fairness. In this paper, a novel verifiable and fair attribute-based proxy re-encryption (VF-ABPRE) scheme is introduced to support verifiability and fairness. The verifiability enables a shared user to verify whether the re-encrypted ciphertext returned by the server is correct and the fairness ensures a cloud server escape from malicious accusation if it has indeed conducted the re-encryption operation honestly. Additionally, we conduct a performance experiment to show the efficiency and practicality of the new VF-ABPRE scheme.

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