Nickel single atom-decorated carbon nanosheets as multifunctional electrocatalyst supports toward efficient alkaline hydrogen evolution

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Nano Energy


Tailoring catalysts with balanced adsorption capabilities toward multiple reaction intermediates is highly desirable for complex electrocatalytic reactions, but rather challenging. Here, Ni single atom-decorated carbon nanosheets are developed as multifunctional supports for engineering heterostructured electrocatalysts toward hydrogen evolution in alkaline media. The Ni single atoms (Ni–N ) are actively dedicated to cleaving the H–OH bonds as well as facilitating H spillover to metallic Pt sites. For the case of supported Pt electrocatalysts, a Pt/PtO configuration is generated at the heterointerface via Pt–O–C (Ni) interfacial bonding, with oxidized Pt species located at the interface and metallic Pt formed in the near-interface area. Further, the oxidized Pt species are also active for boosting the water dissociation step. These findings not only open up a new avenue toward the development of multifunctional catalyst supports but also demonstrate the importance of regulating interface chemistry of heterostructured electrocatalysts at atomic level. 4 ad x

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