Strength of Shear Nailed Connections in Thin Steel Sheets

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Journal of Structural Engineering (United States)


This paper investigated the potential applicability of the specification equation for the shear pull-out strength of a power-actuated fastener (PAF) connection to nail connections between steel sheets thinner than 2.9 mm. The tested G300, G450, and G550 specimens had thicknesses ranging from 0.6 to 2.4 mm, connected with 2.5- or 3.6-mm helically knurled nails. The pull-out strength is a function not only of the thickness of the member not in contact with the fastener head, but also of the other member's thickness. The member thicknesses have greater influence than the nail diameter on the pull-out strength, contrary to the design equation. Based on the test results of 93 shear nailed connections failing in pull-out, the paper proposes a design equation that is applicable to connections using helically knurled nails of steel sheets thinner than 2.9 mm. A group effect factor of 0.75 is suggested for serial nail connections based on the test results of 19 multiple nail connections. A resistance factor of 0.55 is recommended for use with the proposed equation for determining the pull-out strength of shear nailed connections in thin steel sheets. An additional finding is that the current design equation for the bearing and tilting strength of a PAF connection is applicable to connections in which the member not in contact with the fastener head is much thinner than the specification minimum of 3.2 mm, and in which the fastener diameter is smaller than the specification minimum of 3.7 mm.

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