A review of challenges and optimization processing during additive manufacturing of trademarked Ni-Cr-based alloys

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Modern Manufacturing Processes for Aircraft Materials


This article reviews emerging research on additive manufacturing (AM) techniques for the commonly studied trademarked Ni-Cr-based alloys, including Inconel 718, Inconel 625, and Hastelloy X, and also provides a comprehensive overview of challenges in manufacturing processes and optimized processing of deposited parts. Challenges and defects associated with AM of Ni-based components are described, and ameliorated processes for the quality optimization of Ni-Cr-based alloy components are discussed, taking into account both simulation and manufacturing processes. The effects involved by AM processes and optimized operations in mechanical properties of Ni-Cr-based alloys are discussed at the end as well. This paper concludes that the wide application of AM-fabricated Ni-Cr-based alloys still presents many challenges, and these need to be addressed in specific ways for this series of materials, aiming to manipulate their microstructural evolution, segregation, and precipitation. The integration of materials and manufacturing processes to produce large-sized, defect-free, and structurally sound deposited parts remains a crucial effort in the future.

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